Horse Riding at Kastania

The new chalet Casa di calo (which in the Vlach means the “home of the horse”), a wonderful place to live.

At a beautiful situation and view next to the road, you can find the Casa di calo (house of the horse) at Kastania of Kalambaka. There you can ride horses around the magnificant area and mountains. The sessions are for one or two hours with camping in the bush. The casa di calo has a coffee bar, where you can enjoy a drink and buy things from the local area.

The chalet is about 30 klm from Kalambaka.

Activities to which you can take part in are organized walks for hiking, mountaineering, mountain-biking, archery and, of course, horse riding.
Enjoy a cup of coffee with traditional sweets, pies and greek vodka (tsipouro).



Walking tours with guides through organised paths are available for 1, 2, 3 hours or all day excursions through nature.


From 1-8 years old, children can get on a horse for a photograph. From 8 to 18 the ride is accompained by a trainer. For small children the ride is 10 minutes in a safe area, opposite the Casa di Calo. From 18 and up, if they know how to ride a horse, they can go by themselves on the known path generally about an hour trip.

1-7 years: Only photograph on horse back.
8-18 years: Ride a horse with trainer.
18 and over: Ride with trainer or without.


logo_ippasiaName: CASA DI CALO
For communication: CASA DI CALO
P.C.: 42200
Prefecture: TRIKALA
Country: GREECE
Telephone: 2432771678
Mobile phone: 6978228975

Useful advice!

You can better organize your activities with the help of the private tourist offices in our city.





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