Outdoor activities in the natural environment of Aspropotamos

There are many interesting activities that people can partake in, on the mountain range. The wide speading mountains are perfect for walking, mountain climbing, river sports, like rafting and canoeing, mountain bike riding and various other activities. Visiting this area one is able to partake in the exceptional beauties of nature, rare animals and plants, giving both physical and spiritual peace to the visitor, whilst leaving behind the stressful and noisy city environment.

  • Descend the river – Rafting and Canoeing
    Available to all who know how to swim and have completed an half an hour lesson. At the area Three Rivers you can find all the necessary information. The area Three Rivers up until the bridge at St. Paraskevi, is the strongest point of the river, thus giving the possibility to anyone who wants a greater challenge. Aspropotamos is a beautiful river in the heart of Pindos. It is recorded to have a speedrate of 2-3 degrees difficulty.
  • Mountain bike 
    Also worth putting on your program is a beautiful bike ride at Three Rivers through its breath taking forests and landscape.
  • Walking
    Nature walking has become a fashionable sport in the last years. For those who enjoy mountain walking, there are great opportunities. From the area Koziakas you can reach the European path E4. This path leads to almost all the peaks of the surrounding mountains.
  • Mountain paths 
    Climbing the mountains of Peristeri or Lakmos (2.295 m.)
    Route from Haliki to the Mountain Lakmos (Peristeri) 
    Height: Starting at 1150m.- Peak Tsoukarela 2295m.
    Time needed to ascend: 4:30 – 5 hours
    Description: Peristeri is the northernmost mountain of the southern Pindos next to Haliki. To climb Peristeri one can find shelter at Haliki and the next day drive to Verligka. From here you start a trip that ends at the base of the highest peak called Tsoukarela. It takes about one hour. During your climb you are surrounded by beautiful forest trees of different sorts. You descend from the same side towards a village called Anthohori. Of exceptional beauty is the dragon-lake during the spring months, at a spot, called Karvelou, at the feet of the mountain Peristeri.
    Climbing the mountains Neraida (Kap Grass) (1930m.)
    Route from Polithea to the peak of Neraida (Kap Grass)
    Height: Starting from Polithea, 1150m – ending peak Neraida (Kap Grass), 1930m.
    Time needed to ascend: 3 – 3:30 hours
    Description: The peak of Neraida is near the village Polithea. The path goes in a eastern direction on the left side of the stream within 15 minutes you reach a place called Stita Ali Mali. From there the mountain climber reaches the stream within 20 minutes. The path then continues on the right-hand side of the stream, ascending for about an hour, where you reach a pass on the eastern peak of Mitikas (1511m). Here you find the beginning of an amphitheatre plateau with a stockyard and a natural spring in the middle. From here the peak is approximately 1:30 hours.