Settlement of Peristera

19 klm. from Trikala with 238 inhabitants mainly involved with agricultural jobs, you can find ancient ruins of the old city at the peak of Skoubos, surrounded by dense forest. South of the Settlement ‘’Kasteli’’ you can find rock surfaces the same as those of the Holy Meteora. In 1897 the village was burnt down by Captain Liolios in revenge for a death of one of his men. The village celebrates on the 23rd of April, St. George’s day.

Απο την αρχαία Φαλώρεια σώζονται δυο χάλκινα νομίσματα, το ένα εκ’ των οποίων απεικονίζει τη θεά Άρτεμη και το όνομα “ΦΑΛΩΡΕΙΑΣ” περιμετρικά. —



Grapes watermelon and Greek vodka (tsipouro)


  • Gouva and Kasteli.