Holy Monastery of Panagia at Chrysinos

It is a famous Byzantine monastery of the 14th century. It owes its name to the settlement of Chrysinos at Kleinovos, Kalambaka. There are several surviving parts of the first monastery Catholicon, which was a three-aisled basilica with a narthex. The eastern side is very elaborate with hammer-dressed limestone and ceramic decorations.

Later on, the monastery moved higher at Bouziania, over the present location Ampelia at Kleinovos. The Catholicon, dedicated to the Assumption, was built and decorated in 1740, when Theophanis was Bishop of Stagoi, with the contribution of the priest-monk and canon Agapios from Kleinovos and by the brothers Georgios and Stergios from the historical village of Kalarrytes. The Catholicon is still in a good condition but the rest of the building complex has sustained a lot of damage and in some parts it has collapsed. Today there are restorative works in progress, which make the future of the monument promising.

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