Bridge of Mihos

A double-curved bridge 12.5m long at the settlement of Anthousa. The bridge of Mihos is the beginning of the road used by the Muleteers travelling from the villages of Aspropotamos to the villages of Tzoumerka.

It is found near the main road Tria Potamia (Three Rivers)-Haliki, a short distance before the cross-road to the villages Matsouki, Kalarrites and Anthousa. The bridge is the passage over the river Aheloos still used today to reach the monastery of the Virgin Mary (1799).


As you approach Kalarrites, 1 klm before the cross-road towards Anthousa and Haliki, on your right hand side, you will find the bridge.

It is believed to have been constructed by the Monastery of the Virgin Mary (1799) at Anthousa. The bridge was built to help the Monastery, as well as the village Anthousa to have communion with the other villages of Aspropotamos. The bridge is also used by the villages Matsouki and Kalarrites of the prefecture of Ioannina. It is believed that the bridge got its name from an accident in which a man named Mihos was killed.


Three-curved (one of the curves has been destroyed)


12,10 m. (big) – 3,40 m. (small)

Height of curves:

6,00 m. (5,20 + 0,80) μ. (big) – 3,30 m. (2,50 + 0,80) m. (small)


26,80 m.


2,30 m.