St. Theodori at Kalambaka 


St. Theodori is a small village within the municipality of Vasiliki, 17 klm from Trikala and 3 klm from Vasiliki. It has 110 inhabitants.

The village is found on the left bank of the river Lethaios. On the east you can view the mountains of Hasia. The nearest peaks are the ”Monahi Petra” (alone stone), the ”Kataraho”, the ”Mnemoria”, the ”Dragasia” and the ”Lekostome”. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest, with lots of streams, like the ”Benese”, the ”Horiane”, the ”Baralou”, the ”Paliomilos” and the ”Platania”.

At the top of the Settlement you can find a Nunnery dedicated to the Saints Theodori. It is unknown the exact date of  its construction (somewhere around the 15th century). The monastery has been burnt down two times, once during the German occupation and once in 1960. The monastery celebrates on the first Saturday of the  fast before Easter.

Don’t miss

The celebration of the Saints Theodori and the celebration to St. Nicholas.


Cheese feta, watermelon, melons and other products.


Excellent food at their restaurants.


  • The Monastery dedicated to St. Theodori.