Exhibits of the Museum

Essentially, there are two museums housed in a building of 1100 m2 that host two permanent collections:

The first one is about animals and contains approximately 350 species of mammals and birds, while the second one is about mushrooms and contains approximately 250 species of mushrooms.

The collection of animals consists of high quality stuffed birds and mammals, made by Europe’s best taxidermists, while some of them are very rare.

The mushroom collection consists of handmade mushroom sculptures maintaining the similarity of colors, shapes and size. They are presented in three stages of development, so that the visitor forms a complete picture of mushroom’s life circle. The sculptures were created one by one by high skilled sculptors of the wider local region.

However, it is not just the quality of the exhibits that makes our Museum great, but also the way of presentation, which is very unique for Greek standards and it can be compared with other similar European museums.

Animals and mushrooms are presented into dioramas, which depict exactly the natural terrain where they live and grow into (i.e. woods, wetlands etc.).

This way of presentation includes one or more paintings or sculptures in each diorama, in an effort to connect the Museum with the art and culture.

The result of the dioramas is magnificent and Phrases such as “wonderful representation”, “theatrical scenery”, “huge work of art”, “pioneering effort”, “unique effort” etc., are just few of the comments of our visitors.

This is one of the reasons that even though the Museum operates for a short period of time, it has often been the main theme for reportages by the majority of Greek media and social media, a fact, which presumably indicates the value and the quality of the project.

Finally, it is essential to be mentioned that the University of Athens, which is our official scientific advisor, supports the function of the museum as well as the provided information.

It is obvious that our museum can satisfy the most demanding visitor with both its aesthetic and its provided information.