In Hippocrates Farm we follow the essence of Hippocratic medicine: «Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food». In this farm, we grow in the most natural way, the award–winning Sea Buckthorn («Organic Product of the Year 2020» at Healthy Diet Awards and 1st Prize in the European Innovation in Functional Food 2018, contest, held by Katana, out of 640 projects from all over the European Continent), using stringent practices for organic farming and natural procedures that turn Sea Buckthorn into a pleasant everyday food. Our mission is to highlight Sea Buckthorn as a Greek powerful superfood with unique beneficial characteristics for the human body.


Moreover, in this farm we grow one of the most well-known and widely used herbs of Greece, mountain tea, in two different varieties: Cretan sideritis and Olympus sideritis, as well as the perennial herb of echinacea, known for its immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action.

The place

In a piece of fertile land of 20 acres, within a ¨Natura¨ preserved area, surrounded by emblematic landmarks such as the holly rocks of Meteora and mountain Olympus, in the mountain village of Flamburesi, (840m height) there lies our open agro-tourism farm, named “Hippocrates Farm”.

Tour – Contact

You’re welcome to visit our farm for exploring our cultivations and be informed for the procedures of organic farming. It will be our pleasure to have you there with us.


Farm’s Responsible:       Konstantinos Panagiotou

Contact us at:                +30 6944866030