Holy Monastery of the Apostles Peter and Paul

The monastery is only a kilometre northwest of the village, in a fir forest and it holds a brilliant celebration along with the residents of the area on 29th June, the celebration of the Leading Apostles Peter and Paul.

With a RA of 8-7-1886 (Goverment Gazette Issue 184A,11-7-1886) it was unified with the other monastery of Kleinovos, the monastery of Chrysinos. Today it is mined and only the church (Catholicon) survives.

The Panagia of the chancel screen is a work by Michael from Samarina and dates back to 1821.The same artist also painted the icon of the Lord in the screen.

The other two big icons of the screen were stolen on 19-11-1983 by unscrupulous desecrators and were replaced by new ones.

The Catholicon is decorated with well-maintained wall-paintings, most probably executed by the same hagiographer as that of the portable icons (Michael D. Anagnostou). On the wall paintings of the cupola we find the date 1820 written.

In the conch of the vestry and in 40 small-lettered lines the autobiography of Paisios B’ of Stagoi is written (1784-1808) along with the date 15th June 1818. The oldest date found (1789) is written on the chancel screen, which is woodcut and of fine art.

We also see here the famous inscription (lyrics by saint Zosimas) “in plain Greek and Vlachikon”.