Holy Monastery of Vytoumas

An old and historical nunnery located on the scenic Mount Koziakas. The Catholicon is dedicated to the Assumption and was built in 1600, when Dionysios was the Bishop of Larissa. The wall-paintings are of the same period. The chancel screen is woodcut and gold-plated. The ivory foldstool is a work from 1714.

At the entrance of the yard there is a small church, built and decorated in 1559, by the monk Nektarios, when Neophytos was Bishop of Larissa.

The monastery has also two other recent churches: 1) of Agia Efemia and Agios Alexios (1986) and 2) of Agioi Megalomartires Georgios and Demetrios, with two mosaics of the aforementioned saints and wall-paintings (1991), works by Th. Manthos and B. Chalikias.

Outside the monastery yard there are also two small churches: 1) of Agia Triada and 2) of Zoodochos Pigi (Source of Life).

In the east, behind the Catholicon, there is a “cave’’ where, according to tradition, the holy icon of Virgin Mary was found, to whose honour the monastery was built. The Monastery holds a fair on 15th August, it being one of the greatest fairs in the prefecture.

Winter time 08:30-15:00      (+30) 24310-88382