Footpath of Small Agia (Cross)

From the Town hall you take the road that leads to the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the old city. North of the church is a sigh which has purple direction circles showing you what to look for at certain areas along the footpath. It is a dirt road with small crossings over rocks, within 15 min. you are at the top of Small Agia, where you can find the cross.
Another way to reach the cross is by taking the paved road north of the church, then west for about 150 m. After the church of St. Nicholas and Vasileios where the paving ends, you can find an intersection and on the right you can find a sign showing you the direction to take. At some point the two roads join together.

Marking: kiklos_mov
Characterization: Moderate difficulty
Time: 15΄
Distance: 300 m.
Altitude difference: 100 m.

Note: The use of GPS is your choice

Position Data GPS  Height
Beginning of footpath
(Church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary)
0296498 4397990 285
Aqueduct 0296525 4398043 299
Two Entry Junction 0296413 4398067 330
Crossing a rock 0296388 4398065 339
Cross 0296416 4398077 358
Entrance from the old paved road 0296338 4397974 283
Two Entry Junction 0296413 4398067 330

Useful advice!

  • The best season for walking at the Holy Meteora is Spring and Autumn. If you are walking in the Summer, you will need to have a lot of water with you. You should also avoid walking in the heat of the day (11.00 – 4.00 pm). In the Winter you should also avoid areas that are very wet and slippery.
  • You should wear shoes that are correct for such sports.
  • Please respect the holiness of the site and maintain the proper behavior.
  • Please keep the area clean of all forms of rubbish.
You can better organize your hiking excursion with the help of the private tourist offices in our city. Experienced drivers will guide you to the magical paths of Meteora.





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