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The International Half Marathon Road Kalampaka–Trikala, is held every year in the memory of the runner Thanasis Stamopoulos and is now one of the largest Half Marathons, gathering thousands of runners from all over Greece and around the world , including a lot of champions. It provides high quality services to both participants and the advertising companies and businesses that grant the organization.

On the day of the race, thousands of runners gather in the center of the city of Kalampaka under the breathtaking Meteora Rocks. Metéora is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The finish line is in the center of the city of Trikala after 21,097m (our race is in the AIMS calendar).

There is also a 5Κ Road Race,that takes place in Trikala, and gives the opportunity to young or less trained runners to take part in. Moreover, in the city centre there is also the 1Κ Children’s Race, for children aged 9-14 years, offering the opportunity to younger ages to get in contact with exercise and the joy of participation.

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