The ancient Castle of Vitoumas

The remains of the ancient Castle have a perimeter of over 300m. The southern wall of the Castle is built with big stones of different sizes, while on the eastern side and also in one of the towers, you can discrimate remains of cement. The northern side is completely hidden due to the impenetrable forest. At the towers on the southern side you can find semi-circular walls, while on the northern side quadrangle. The highest part of the castle, found on the eastern side, you can discriminate that the buttress has a deep nape, which is common to almost all castles from the area Hasia making the defence stronger.


The remains of the ancient castle can be found 200m north-east of the village Vitoumas, amongst an impenetrable forest, on the mountain of Koziakas, with a south-west direction and height of about 500m.