First Floor – Children’s Department

In order to enter the premises, you are required to ring a bell. Once the door opens, you will find yourself at Level 1.

This is the Children’s Floor. Our younger patrons come to read and play educational board games. Also, for a few hours per day, the children are allowed to play on the computers, Smart Board and Smart Table.

Children can use their personal cards to borrow books by bringing them to the Issue Desk on this floor.

Many of our young patrons have learned how to look for books in the Library’s Online Catalogue. This way, it becomes a lot easier to do research, compile papers and ‘up their game’ with homework.

Τhis is also the space where most children’s events take place: from lessons to film viewing, from familiarization with the Museum-Kits to arts and crafts, from story telling to authors presenting their books – the design and infrastructure of this level provide laboratories and knowledge tools for the younger ages.