Environmental Education Centre

In the area of Three Rivers (Tria Potamia), in the center of the Aspropotamos forest complex, is the Environmental Information Center. The environmental company ARKTOUROS studied and constructed the Center’s exhibits. Its purpose is to promote the natural and anthropogenic environment of the area and help the visitor in his tour and orientation.

Exhibits include:

  • Three-dimensional map  of the area, geophysical map showing the natural elements, monuments, bridges, etc.
  • Schematic map of the area, with emphasis on natural wealth and especially on wildlife and its habitats.
  • Exhibition area featuring traditional activities developed in the area (timber processing, livestock farming).
  • Exhibition area featuring monasteries and monuments, archaeological and religious sites in the area.


The Conference Center remains open all year long after consulting with Municipality Unit of Aspropotamos.

ASPROPOTAMOS – Location: Three Rivers