The area of Aspropotamos

The top part of Aspropotamos has a special place in the heart of Trikala. This is because it is united with her beautiful and very old traditions. It has been recorded on the European network Nature 2000 (NATURA 2000). (Community guide 92/43)

 The area: The villages of Aspropotamos are under the state of Trikala and ruled by the municipality of kalambaka. Anthousa, Haliki, Krania, Katafito, Milia, Saint Paraskevi, Kalliroe, Polithea, Stephani, Gardiki and Athamania are the most beautiful villages of Aspropotamos.

Nature: The villages are surrounded by fir trees and plane trees. They have kept their natural beauty. One of the most beautiful peaks of the area is Lakmon (2295m) and Kakarditsas surrounded by a brealth taking view of natural trees. Aspropotamos has two streams that lead to a main river. The first stream comes from the top of Rona and the other from the mountain of Lakmos.


Transportation: There exists a variety of buses from Trikala to the villages of Aspropotamos during the summer months. It is also relatively easy to reach the villages by car or taxi.

Useful telephone: Automatic call number
Bus Station of Trikala 24310-73130
Bus Station of Kalambaka 24320-22432
Police Station of Katafito 24320-87392
Health Center of Kalambaka 24320-22222
Bush ranger of Aspropotamos 24320-87275 (Koukoufli)
ΤΑΧΙ Kastania 24320-61202 (Kastania)
ΤΑΧΙ Kalambaka 24310-22310
Events – Traditional Celebrations:
Anthousa celebration of St.Paraskevi 26 July
Haliki celebration of St.Paraskevi 26 July
Tzourtzia celebration of St.Paraskevi 26 July
Krania celebration of St.Paraskevi 26 July
Polithea celebration of Virgin Mary 8 September
Katafito celebration of Virgin Mary 15 August

Former names of the villages:

  • St. Paraskevi: Tzourtzia
  • Anthousa: Lipinitsa
  • Kalliroe: Velitsena
  • Polithea: Dragovitsi
  • Stefani: Skliniasa
  • Katafito: Kotori
  • The names of the villages Haliki and Krania remain the same.