General description

Imposing and magnificent rises the step rock on the plateau of which the Holy Trinity Monastery is perched.

The visitor and pilgrim tired from the difficult descend to the valley and then the ascend on the rock is richly compensated by the magnificent view he looks from the balcony of the monastery. On the south, at the foot of the rock is lying the town of Kalabaka with the river Peneios flowing peacefully and the mountain massifs of Koziakas and Pindos further away. On the west the Monastery of Varlaam is discerned and a little furter the Monastery of Great Meteoron. On the East, very near, there is the Monastery of St. Stephen.

In the past a rope ladder and the traditional net were used for the ascend on the rock. In 1925 during the bishopric of the Metropolitan Polycarpos [Thomas] and the abbacy of Nikanor Stathopoulos the chiseled staircase with 140 steps was constructed so today this is the one the visitor uses.

 Summer Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 Every Thursday closed Winter Hours: 10:00-16:00 Every Thursday closed