Every Sunday for individual visitors.

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, during its effort to create alternative touristic activities, that showcase our nature’s wealth, is organizing and hosting truffle hunting activities in cooperation with travel offices.

Special trained truffle dogs with their trainer are searching for this unique fruit of Greek nature. They offer an original experience that can be enjoyed by the visitors of the local area.

In the same time, participants are provided with information about this special fruit. They learn about the kind of truffles that exist and how they can be used. In this way they enrich their knowledge about what is called “black diamond” that is “hiding” in the ground.

The enjoyment doesn’t stop here! Participants have the opportunity to taste an exceptional truffle past dish in the forest!. This truffle pasta dish is cooked in an impressive cooking pan that can cover the feeding needs of 50 (!) people by a special chef.

After the end of truffle hunting, the participants visit the Museum. They are guided around the natural history museum and the unique mushroom museum. After that, they can enjoy a mushroom product tasting with 5-6 kinds of mushrooms and traditional mushroom spoon sweet which are accompanied by a glass of local wine.

Undoubtedly, this is an experience that many wish to live. Now they have the opportunity. Enjoy!
The program of truffle hunting is:

10.00: Leaving from the Museum

10.30: The truffle hunting begins!

11.15: Truffle pasta dish cooking

12.15: End of the truffle hunting

12.45: Visit to the Museum, guided tour, mushroom product tasting

13.30: End of program.

For more information, you may contact the Museum at: 00302432024959 or at info@meteoramuseum.gr

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