Holy Monastery of Stagiades

It is found on the east outskirts of the village bearing the same name. It is a very old monastery. According to information, it was founded in 1004. The millennium of its foundation was celebrated with great magnificence in the year 2004. The Catholicon of the monastery is dedicated to the Assumption. It is a basilica with a cupola decorated with hagiographies. Its Narthex is decorated with martyrdoms of saints. According to an insription in the main church, the hagiographies were executed by Michael son of Michael from Chionades during the period of Parthenios of Stagoi (1751-1784).

In 2000 the chapel of St. John the Baptist was built, which was decorated by Soterios Berdebe (2002). There is a more recent church outside the monastery courtyard, dedicated to Archangels and New-martyrs.

The Monastery has several holy relics, incunabular books and other holy heirlooms (crosses, grails and others).

The entire monastery complex is impelling and impressive.

In 1968 it was converted to a nunnery.

Summer Times: 08.30 – 12.00 & 16.00 – 18.30