Small monastery of St. Theodosios at Gavros

At the North-East edge of the rocks at the Holy Meteora you can find the small monastery dedicated to St. Theodosios, a combination of small ascetic cells. Inside the small church you can find some wall-paintings from the 17th century and newer wall-paintings from the 19th century.

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Carved ascetic recesses on the rocks equal to that of the Holy Meteora, like St. Nickolas and St. Theodosios. These ascetic cells were a place of strick ascetic life and absolute communication with God. Unfortunately there was some not so correct meddling of the old icons at the small monastery of St. Theodosios, which fortunately were repaired by the Municipal of Hasia. The municipal of Hasia also repaired the old natural footpath leading to the ascetic area. 

As you climb to the ascetic area you can find small recesses with icon-paintings. These areas were used for liturgy and prayer. Unfortunately all the old icon-paintings have been covered with newer ones.

The only original old wall-paintings are that of the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and the icon of prophet Ionas. The icons and their style make us concluded that they are from around the 18th century.

The newer icons of the Pantocrator and the all embracing Virgin Mary as well as a number of icons of the saints resemble the 19th century style of art. Unfortunately the intervention is not of good quality.