Your visit does not stop here!

Furthermore, your visit does not stop here! It continues to the Museum’s cafe where you can enjoy your coffee enjoying the view of the rocks of Meteora and it ends at the Museum’s souvenir shop where you have the opportunity to buy unique souvenirs, as well as a big variety of wild edible mushroom and truffle products of excellent quality, placed in a unique product packaging.

Most of the mushrooms are collected from surrounding areas, which are famous not only for their mushroom quantity, but also for the quality. This is why, the Museum has compiled a list of activities related to mushrooms, which essentially constitutes a new touristic product and enriches uniquely the planned visit in the area of Meteora.

These activities include seminars providing basic information about mushrooms, visits upon the mountain for mushroom picking, mushroom cooking, lunch or dinner with mushrooms accompanied by Greek modern and traditional music, truffle hunting, etc.

In conclusion, it is a museum with a special dynamic, trying to variously satisfy the requirements of its visitors. This is why visiting our Museum can be a unique experience.