Where to go

  • Meteora: 

    Beautiful rocks from another world embrace Kalambaka. The monuments are under the protection of UNESCO and are recorded as the second largest Monastic community after the Holy Mountain. Seeing the beautiful stone structure, surrounded by mist, is enough to make you understand why the monks and nuns selected this area for unceasing prayer. Today, from the many monasteries that existed, only six are open to the public: The monasteries of St. Nicholas Anapafsas, Grand Meteoron, Varlaam, Roussanou, Holy Trinity and St. Stephan.
    It is worth noting that the religious monuments mostly visitored in Greece are the Holy Meteora.

Here at these barren rocks thousands of ascetics made their palades where these orthodox monks learned wisdom, humility and morals

  • Theopetra’s Prehistoric Cave: 

    Theopetra’s Prehistoric cave is found 4 Kilometers from the city of kalambaka. It is one of the most interesting Archaeological sites worth seeing in all of the Thessalian plain.
    It is of world-wide interest due to the discovery of rich and unique findings for two of the most important changes in human prehistory: the replacement of Neaderdal from the contempory human and the transition of the human hunter in the agricultural revolution.

    You can find in a small distance from the cave  the Documentation and education center of Theopetra cave.

The oldest technical work in Greece, possibly in the world, is the cave at Theopetra dated 23.000 years old. There is a stone wall at the entrance of the cave blocking 2/3 of the opening.

  • The old city of kalambaka

    It’s worth visiting the old city (Sopotos) which has been reformed recently, as well as the only remaining wood-carving school in Greece. As well as the copper smith’s workshop Stephanidi it is one of the few traditional coppersmith’s remaining in Greece where you are able to find rare hand-made copper objects. There exists also the work shop of Papageorgiou Brothers, where you are able to watch the making of its hand-made goods, consisting of mostly long-haired hand-made blankets and rugs, at exceptional prices.

The old city of kalambaka reaches from the town hall to St. George’s Church, the neighbourhood Sopotos. This area of the city was built densely and the cobbled roads narrow.

  • Byzantine church Assumption of the Virgin Mary

    The most important monument of Kalambaka is the glorious byzantine church Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is found at the northern end of the city at the base of the holy meteoritic rocks. For many years it was the main church, Vasiliki in style.

    The byzantine church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is found in the old city of Kalambaka, it is one of the oldest monuments in all the district.

The special feature of the church is its large and tall pulpit uniquely found in the middle of the church.

  • The old neighbourhood of Kastraki

    Above Kalambaka in the center of the amphitheatrical shape formed by the rocks of the Holy Meteora, you can find Kastraki. A small graphical village, the last edge of worldly life, some what protected by the Holy rocks. An area rich in traditional products. It is worth a beautiful walk through the narrow roads with the old fashioned houses with their traditional architecture, also the beautiful chapels and other exceptional places.

Mesohori (middle village) is the old name of the neighbourhood Kastraki.