Rafting and Kayak at Aspropotamos

Enjoy rafting and kayak along the beautiful river of Aspropotamos with its beautiful breathtaking nature.

The highest part of Ahelloos river is called Aspropotamos (white river). As well as being incredibly beautiful it has a good inclination, quick and wide with a 2 and 3rd degree.

There are 4 different passages all within the mountain peaks of Koziakas and south Pindos.

To reach the area you go through the beautiful villages of Trikala, Elati, Pertouli, Neraethohori and St. Paraskevi, its self a beautiful drive.

The passages for doing kayak and rafting are the same.

The passages

The first part of the river has narrow passages with abrupt turns and a fast current, as a result it has a lot of movement in a small space. A quick and beautiful game giving off a lot of adrenaline.

It is a passage of 1 to 2 degree difficulty.
It takes about two hours.


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A passage with narrow and abrupt turns, 2 – 3rd degree difficulty.
It takes about 1 hour and 15 mins,  with average depth.


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The third passage starts at the end of the second passage, with a greater distance. It is considered 2nd-3rd degree difficulty. It is a beautiful passage through the clean water and beautiful rocks of Aspropotamos.
It takes about 3 hours. 

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A passage through rocks waterfalls gorges and old bridges, beautiful blue-green water, considered 2nd-3rd degree difficulty.
It takes about 2-2:30 hours.

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Useful advice!

  • Time available from November to May.
  • Good health is necessary.
You can better organize your activities with the help of the private tourist offices in our city.





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