Collections from the Hellenic Culture Museum

  1. First and second degree education
  • Books, note pads and school objects with information about schooling at kindergarten, primary school, elementary school and high school from the begining of the Greek government until today.
  • Books, objects and information concerning Greek schooling and also schooling in other countries (Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria, Cyprus, America and former socialists countries of Europe).
  • School uniforms, student caps with owl, leather signals, woven and embroided bags, study titles, school magazines and games.
  1. Neo-Hellenic enlightenment

Old editions of the works of the Great teachers of the Neo-Hellenic age of enlightenment (Ad. Korais, Evg. Voulgaris. N. Doukas) and especially the Thessalian speechers (K. Koumas, Th. Pharmakidis, D. Pyrros and others), published mainly in France and Vienna).

  1. Ancient Greek Writers

Two show-cases dedicated to Ancient Greek Philosophers and writers. The writings of Homer, Plato, Aristotle. Thucydides and other Greek writers of ancient texts either in Greek or in Greek and Latin. Editions from famous European printing offices between 1500 to 1800.

  1. From manuscripts to printed editions

A special show-case of the first book printed in Greek, the Grammar of Konstantinos Laskaris of Byzantium.

  1. Aesop

Old editions with designs of the Myths of Aesop from the period 1600-1850 with the text in both Greek and Latin.

  1. Sunday schools

A series of books, magazines and icons from the Sunday schools of our country.