Exhibition halls of the Hellenic Culture Museum

  1. Old school room

In a specially designed school room with old wooden desks, blackboard and old maps on the wall, the visitor is transferred to another age.

The visitor has the ability to write on the slate with the slate pencil, to have a go at writing with ink and ink pen using ink holder, pen holder and blotting paper.

  1. The exhibition hall Meteora

In the exhibition hall Meteora you can see:

  • engraving and designs from tourist who visited the Meteora around the 18th and 19th century
  • photos of the Meteora by the famous French photographer Boissonas and the photographers Stephan and Nicholas Stournaras from Volos
  • old foreign magazines which write about Meteora
  • Using old existing stereoscope machines, a visitor can view old photos of the Meteora three-dimensional.
  1. Exhibition hall Aesop

This exhibition is dedicated to the Greek myth-maker Aesop, his myths have been taught for hundreds of years not only to Greeks, but all over Europe.

On the walls of the exhibition hall you can find painted by Greek artists different myths of Aesop.